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Flu vaccines

We now have flu vaccines in stock. We have clinics available with the nurse to give the vaccine to any eligible patients who want to be protected from flu. This years flu vaccine will also provide protection against swine flu.

We encourage anyone in the at risk categories to book an appointment for this vaccination. The groups likely to be most severely affected if they catch flu are:

Anyone over 65 years old,
People with respiratory disease such as asthma, COPD or cystic fibrosis,
People with heart disease,
People with chronic kidney disease,
People with diabetes,
People with liver disease,
People with a history of stroke, TIA, or multiple sclerosis,
Poultry workers, and
People with a weak immune system e.g. those on high dose steroids, those with no spleen, anyone receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy, or those with HIV or cancer.

We would strongly advise anyone in these categories to have the vaccine.